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Additional Assessment

DATS will continue to offer a diagnostic service to toddlers and adults 


DATS for children has now become The Assessment Team please visit our new website, The Assessment Team.


Assessments and report writing are charged at a rate of £180.00 per hour.  Please allow approximately 1.5 hours report writing time per assessment in addition to the assessment time stipulated below,

Assessment                                                                                                     Time

        Cognitive 2-3 hours
        Scholastic 1-3 hours
        Language 1-3 hours
        Phonological Skills 1 hours
        Inferential Reasoning 30 minutes
        Mental Health Status 45 minutes
        Self Esteem 30 minutes
        Social Skills and Social Competence 1 hour
        Theory of Mind 45 minutes
        Executive Functioning 2-3 hours
        Educational Psychology: can include school visit from 2.5 hours
        Mental Health - Emotional wellbeing from 1 hour