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DATS will continue to offer a diagnostic service to toddlers and adults 


DATS for children has now become The Assessment Team please visit our new website, The Assessment Team.

Further Support While You are Waiting for an Assessment

Every Local Authority has a “SEND Local Offer” on their website, which is where you can find information, advice and support groups which might be relevant to you.

You can find the SEND Local Offer here:

You can also find a useful director on the KIDS Hub website: you will be able to download their directory from there.

Hertfordshire Parent Carer Involvement (HPCI)

HPCI is the parent carer forum for Hertfordshire and part of a national network of parent carer forums.


National Organisations which might be useful to you are:
National Autistic Society

ADHD Foundation         

(Learning Disability, Autism, Down Syndrome)

(Mental Health)           


(for families with disabled children)