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About us

DATS will continue to offer a diagnostic service to toddlers and adults 


DATS for children has now become The Assessment Team please visit our new website, The Assessment Team.


We are a highly specialised, friendly team who are experts in psychology, speech and language therapy. We have many years of experience in the field of neurodevelopment conditions such as: autism spectrum disorders and learning problems.  We have worked at tertiary and quaternary level in the public sector including specialist London hospitals and various educational facilities. We continue to maintain our links with the National Health Service.  We strive to uphold the highest standards of excellence by keeping abreast of the latest developments in our field of work and continue to engage in regular professional training and research activities.




Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, Chartered Scientist with 30 years experience working within the NHS and research teams at the Mausdley Hospital, Institute of Psychiatry, Tavistock Clinic, Great Ormond Street Hospital and Harper House.


We provide a complete service including diagnostic assessments, intervention and support for individuals with possible neuro-developmental conditions.

Our tailor-made approach is flexible and responsive for clients of all ages.  As a multidisciplinary team, we offer a comprehensive service characterised by attention to detail, efficient at every level and ability to bring clarity and insight using a range of targeted approaches and strategies.

Detailed reports including management strategies and further recommendations are produced following the initial diagnostic assessment.  Additional assessment of strengths and weaknesses as well as interventions and support are available if required.  This is carried out at subsequent appointments in agreement with parents / clients.

Also, a team of psychologists provide therapeutic interventions for adults and young adults experiencing mental health and emotional wellbeing difficulties