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DATS will continue to offer a diagnostic service to toddlers and adults 

DATS for children has now become The Assessment Team please visit our new website, The Assessment Team.

Parent's feedback

​"Our experience of DATS has been exceptional.  Our clinicians communicated with us efficiently, they were approachable and very efficient.  We are very grateful to Dr Liang and Dr Rios as we finally have answers to our son's problems."

​Mother of K. 

​ "We were made to feel very comfortable, they took all our worries and concerns on board.  Their report was comprehensive and delivered very quickly after the clinic appointment."

​Mother of K.

"I felt that I was listened to and that my concerns were taken seriously.  My child was also very comfortable with the doctors.  I would highly recommend them."

Mother of T.

"I met with caring and understanding people who were very profressional.  The atmosphere was calm.  I now have a diagnosis, this has made it easier to explain my difficulties to others."

​Lady with ASD.

" ​I felt listened to, it was easy to talk to them, I was treated well and my views and worries were taken seriously, I felt that the people that saw me knew how to help me."

Man with ASD.

​"Professional, efficient and pleasant human interaction."

​Man with ASD

"everything was explained to us in a way we could understand.  I wish I had attended this clinic years ago!"

Mother of B